Singapore, US Agree to Cooperate on Cyber, Climate Risk

The climate partnership focuses on stronger collaboration on sustainable finance, standard setting, climate risk disclosures, and carbon markets. 

Singapore and the US have entered new cooperation agreements to partner in areas including cybersecurity, climate, and the economy.

The countries will also work together on pandemic and space cooperation, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in a joint press conference with US Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday (23 August).

Harris has been in Singapore for an official three-day visit, where she is looking to deepen bilateral cooperation in multiple areas.

Lee said the US and Singapore concluded three agreements between their cyber, defence and finance agencies, involving strengthening cooperation in critical technology, critical infrastructure protection, data security and sharing of best practices.

The two countries will also cooperate on regional cyber capacity-building, and international cyber policy discussions to support a rules-based multilateral order in cyberspace.

Lee said Singapore and the US will additionally launch a climate partnership and new Smart City capacity building intiatives, which are expected to create business opportunities in green growth sectors.

The climate partnership focuses on stronger collaboration on sustainable finance, including tapping private capital for sustainable infrastructure, and financial sector climate and environmental risk management.

It also includes expert consultations on setting green standards, the mobilisation of high-quality sustainable finance, and the analysis, management and disclosure of climate and environmental financial risks.

The US and Singapore will also cooperate to promote quality carbon credit markets, better environmental governance, and sustainable development.

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