Nobel Literature Prize 2021: Abdulrazak Gurnah on the moment he found out he won

The winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature says he thought the phone call telling him he’d won was a cold caller. Luckily, Tanzanian novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah was persuaded not to hang up. Speaking to the BBC’s Ros Atkins, he says he was making a cup of tea when the phone rang, telling the …

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Islamic State mother: ‘We’re out of sight, out of mind’

A British woman who joined the Islamic State group with her young children has said UK politicians should “open your minds” to allowing them to return. Nicole Jack and her three daughters are currently being held in a detention camp in Syria alongside thousands of wives and children of IS fighters.

Facebook ‘prioritises safety above profit’

Facebook has rejected claims, made by a former employee to US Congress, that its products harm children. Frances Haugen, a 37-year-old former product manager turned whistleblower, heavily criticised the company at a hearing on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Facebook’s Monika Bickert responded that the company was attempting to answer questions over how it protects users’ …

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How remote flying of drones will transform the future

Anyone piloting a drone usually needs to keep it in sight, but new technology will make it easier to pilot them remotely from hundreds of miles away. BBC Click’s Paul Carter looks at how the technology could transform our lives. See more at Click’s website and @BBCClick

Should you date someone based on their music taste?

A new dating app called POM (Power of Music) is matching couples by analysing the music they listen to on their phones. More than 25,000 people have already downloaded the app, which launched this summer, and the start-up has gained £1.5m in investment. Produced, filmed and edited by Dougal Shaw

Pandora Papers: ‘Public pressure will cause politicians to act’

The secret dealings of hundreds of world leaders, politicians and billionaires have been exposed in one of the biggest investigations of leaked offshore documents in history. The leak of almost 12 million documents reveals hidden wealth, tax avoidance and, in some cases, money laundering by some of the world’s rich and powerful. Paul Tang, chair …

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