Google removes 8 malicious apps from Play Store

Google recently removed 8 apps that were masquerading as cryptocurrency cloud mining applications from its Play Store. This comes as the demand for cryptocurrency mining has been increasing day by day, also attracting malicious activities from several places. 

The 8 apps banned on Google Playstore are: 

BitFunds – Crypto Cloud MiningBitcoin Miner – Cloud MiningBitcoin (BTC) – Pool Mining Cloud WalletCrypto Holic – Bitcoin Cloud MiningDaily Bitcoin Rewards – Cloud Based Mining SystemBitcoin 2021MineBit Pro – Crypto Cloud Mining & btc minerEthereum (ETH) – Pool Mining Cloud

Hackers nowadays are targeting crypto traders as the users cannot trace the transactions most of the time, making it difficult to retrieve their investments lost to hackers. With fake apps for crypto trading, hackers target netizens by forcing them to install applications, which have dangerous malware and adware/ 

The eight apps removed by Google were masquerading as genuine ones and were also giving good returns on investments in cloud-mining operations. 

These apps were making their users watch ads, pay for subscription services with an average monthly fee of $15 ( Rs 1,115 approx.), reported security firm Trend Micro. The apps also made users pay for increased mining capabilities without getting anything in return, the security firm said.

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