China’s Cyberattacks: Sizing Up International Response

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Cybereason’s Sam Curry Shares Insights on the Latest Developments

Sam Curry, CSO, Cybereason

The U.S and its allies formally accusing China of cyberattacks on Microsoft Exchange servers comes as no surprise because it’s “indicative of the behavior of the administration in China for many years now,” says Cybereason CSO Sam Curry.

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“There’s a burgeoning Russian and Chinese community that is not taking direction from the government, but they certainly aren’t going against it, and they’re acting under its umbrella,” Curry says. “This is a gray area that needs to be firmed up.”

In a video interview with Information Security Media Group, Curry discusses:

  • The significance of the Biden administration’s claim that China is responsible for the Microsoft Exchange servers attacks;

  • The likelihood of the U.S. imposing sanctions on China in response;

  • Whether this attack signals a new aggressive phase of Chinese cyber operations.

Curry, CSO at Cybereason, previously served as chief technology and security officer at Arbor Networks. Prior to that role, he spent more than seven years at RSA (the security division of EMC) in a variety of senior management positions, including chief strategy officer and chief technologist and senior vice president of product management and product marketing. Curry has also held senior roles at Microstrategy, Computer Associates and McAfee.

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