WhatsApp Pink is malware spreading through group chats

If installed; the fake and malicious WhatsApp pink app takes full control of a targeted device.

An unusual baiting technique has appeared with the WhatsApp users receiving links that claim to turn the application’s theme from its trademark green to pink. Simultaneously, it also promises ‘‘new features” that have not been specified.

Cyber experts have warned users of the messaging application to refrain from opening any such link.  The concerning part is that the link has been masked as an official update from WhatsApp which is making people oblivious to the malicious intent behind the circulation of the link.

If a user ends up clicking on the link, their phones might get hacked and they may even lose access to their Whatsapp account. As is the norm with WhatsApp users, many of them have been sharing this link unknowingly, Hackread.com has discovered.

The cybersecurity expert Rajshekhar Rajaharia, who initially discovered the link, warned users through his Twitter account.

“Beware of WhatsApp Pink!! A Virus is being spread in Whatsapp groups with an APK download link. Don’t click any link with the name of #WhatsappPink. Complete access to your phone will be lost.” 

Additionally, users are strictly advised never to install any APK or mobile app other than those available on the official App store of Google or Apple. “Such malicious apps can be used to compromise your phone and steal personal data like photos, SMS, contacts, etc.

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When contacted, Whatsapp said, “Anyone can get an unusual, uncharacteristic or suspicious message on any service, including email, and anytime that happens we strongly encourage everyone to use caution before responding or engaging. On WhatsApp in particular, we also recommend that people use the tools that we provide within the app to send us a report, report a contact, or block contact.”

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