WeLeakInfo Leaked Customer Payment Info

A lapsed domain registration tied to WeLeakInfo, a wildly popular service that sold access to more than 12 billion usernames and passwords from thousands of hacked websites, “let someone plunder and publish account data on 24,000 customers who paid to access the service with a credit card,” reports Krebs on Security. This comes after the service was seized a little over a year ago by the FBI and law enforcement partners overseas. From the report: In a post on the database leaking forum Raidforums, a regular contributor using the handle “pompompurin” said he stole the WeLeakInfo payment logs and other data after noticing the domain wli[.]design was no longer listed as registered. “Long story short: FBI let one of weleakinfo’s domains expire that they used for the emails/payments,” pompompurin wrote. “I registered that domain, & was able to [password] reset the stripe.com account & get all the Data. [It’s] only from people that used stripe.com to checkout. If you used paypal or [bitcoin] ur all good.”

Cyber threat intelligence firm Flashpoint obtained a copy of the data leaked by pompompurin, and said it includes partial credit card data, email addresses, full names, IP addresses, browser user agent string data, physical addresses, phone numbers, and amount paid. One forum member commented that they found their own payment data in the logs.

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