Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure Security 

Embracing new technologies lead to qualitative growth but simultaneously holds high chances of quantitative data breaches. While adopting cloud technology, it is important to see the security of cloud infrastructure as one of the crucial responsibilities. There are various organizations out there that are still unsure of the security of their data present in the cloud environment. 

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In 2019, Collection #1, a massive data breach held responsible for compromising data set of over 770 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords. The collection of data files was stored on a cloud storage service and MEGA. Similarly, information of over 108 million bets’ records was leaked by an online casino group. The leaked data included details of customers’ personal information along with deposits and withdrawals.

Then the same year, a famous food delivery service providing firm was breached, compromising the data of 4.9 million users, including consumers and delivery employees.

Additionally, a post from Security Boulevard says acording to a survey almost 98% of the companies had witnessed at least one cloud data breach in the past 18 months,  that is compared to 79% in 2020.

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These infamous data breaches are proof that storage service providers like the cloud requires consistent security management. Unfortunately, when we talk about cloud infrastructure security, many enterprises wrongly assume that their data is well guarded and is far away from the radar of cyber criminals. The truth is, these cyber criminals are experts at scraping up the exposed, vulnerable data by using unethical ways to look for unsecured databases. 

For starters, the term cloud computing infrastructure security refers to the entire infrastructure, which involves a comprehensive set of policies, applications, and technologies. It also includes controls that are used to protect virtualized IP, services, applications, and data. 

With companies migrating their extensive data and infrastructure to the cloud, the importance of cloud security testing becomes paramount. Cloud security offers multiple levels of control to provide continuity and protection in a network infrastructure. As a result, it is a highly essential element in creating a resilient environment that works for companies worldwide.

Enjoy the benefits of cloud infrastructure security by partnering with leading technology-based private cloud computing security service providers to keep the company’s security smooth running. 

Here are the five major benefits that you gain from cloud infrastructure security solutions:


Nowadays, cloud computing servers are becoming susceptible to data breaches. Cloud infrastructure security solutions help in ensuring that data like sensitive information and transaction is protected. It also helps in preventing the third party from tampering with the data being transmitted.

Distributed denial of service, aka DDoS attacks, is infamously rising and deployed to flood the computer system with requests. As a result, the website slows down to load to a level where it starts crashing when the number of requests exceeds the limit of handling. Cloud computing security provides solutions that focus on stopping bulk traffic that targets the company’s cloud servers. 

When it comes to the best practices of cloud infrastructure security solutions, it offers consistent support and high availability to support the company’s assets. In addition, users get to enjoy the benefit of 27/7 live monitoring all year-round. This live monitoring and constant support offer to secure data effortlessly.

Infrastructure security in the cloud offers advanced threat detection strategies such as endpoint scanning techniques for threats at the device level. The endpoint scanning enhances the security of devices that are accessing your network. 

  • Supervision of Compliance

In order to protect data, the entire infrastructure requires to be working under complaint regulations. Complaint secured cloud computing infrastructure helps in maintaining and managing the safety features of the cloud storage. 

The points mentioned above are clear enough to state how beneficial and vital is cloud infrastructure security for an organization. Unfortunately, there are very many high-profile cases that have been witnessed in past years relating to data breaches. 

To patch the loopholes and strengthen the IT infrastructure security, it is crucial to keep the security of cloud storage services a high priority. Engage with the top-class cloud computing security tools to get better results and have the data secured.

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