Service Used by Cybercriminals Seized by Law Enforcement

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Cybercriminals commonly employed this double-encryption service when attempting to evade identification while engaged in destructive actions. Law enforcement has successfully gained access to DoubleVPN’s servers and customer logs, according to Cybersecurity News. 

Dual-encryption data transfer is one of the most significant features of DoubleVPN, a service supplied by a Russian corporation. Essentially, what this means is that it transmits your traffic over two VPN servers rather than one, encrypting your data twice. When hackers launch cyberattacks, they frequently make use of services like these to make sure that their location and IP addresses are properly concealed.

While the use of VPNs is recommended with certain online activities, the idea of double VPN is usually an overkill for the average user. Since a double encrypted connection means the traffic is routed to servers lo…

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