Profiles in Leadership: Mario Demarillas of Exceture

CISO Discusses Changing Security Culture in Organizations

Mario Demarillas, CISO, Exceture

Mario Demarillas, CISO and head of IT consulting and software engineering at Exceture, in the Philippines, strikes a balance between securing his organization and its business offering in security.

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What takes priority?

“When customers engage with service providers, they look at companies who aside from providing the service are also implementing it well,” says Demarillas. As a CISO, he ensures built-in security from the start, he says. “We do not release products that do not pass our own security tests.”

In a video interview with Information Security Media Group as part of its RSA Conference 2021 coverage and as part of its Cybersecurity Leadership series, Demarillas discusses:

  • Balancing business with his security responsibilities as a CISO;
  • His top priorities as a CISO;
  • Insight for up-and-coming security practitioners.

Demarillas is a member of the board of directors, CISO and head of IT consulting and software engineering at Exceture Inc., based in Manila, Philippines. He has over 20 years of professional experience in information systems and internal audit, fraud examination, information and cybersecurity, data privacy and IT governance consulting with financial institutions, audit firms and IT consulting companies.

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