Mitigating Risks as Ransomware Tactics Change

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Stuart McKenzie of FireEye on the Importance of Testing Defenses

Stuart McKenzie, SVP, Mandiant Services, EMEA, FireEye

Ransomware attacks now routinely feature multifaceted extortion efforts, and defenses need to evolve, says Stuart McKenzie of FireEye, who offers an analysis of the findings of the FireEye M-Trends 2021 report.

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In light of escalating ransomware attacks and other cyberthreats, he says, “it’s really important to do testing of your defenses, not just to deploy them and think that they work.”

In a video interview with Information Security Media Group, McKenzie discusses:

  • The findings of the M-Trends 2021 report;
  • Ransomware risk mitigation techniques;

  • How to alter security strategies as attackers’ techniques evolve.

McKenzie heads Mandiant Services at FireEye in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Previously, he spent 12 years working for the U.K. government in a variety of cyber roles, including protecting the 2012 London Olympics from cyberthreats.

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