ISMG Editors’ Panel: Cyber Insurance; Ransomware Update

Business Continuity Management / Disaster Recovery
Fraud Management & Cybercrime
Governance & Risk Management

Also: Debating the Issue of Banning Ransom Payments

Clockwise, from top left: Doug Olenick, Anna Delaney, Marianne Kolbasuk McGee and Tom Field

Four editors at Information Security Media Group discuss cyber insurance, persistent ransomware attacks and whether ransom payments should be banned.

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The editors – Doug Olenick, news editor; Anna Delaney, director, productions; Marianne Kolbasuk McGee, executive editor, HealthcareInfoSecurity; and Tom Field, senior vice president, editorial – discuss:

  • Highlights from an interview with John Pescatore of SANS on sizing up cyber insurance;

  • Persistent ransomware attacks in healthcare, including the long recovery effort at Scripps Health;

  • Whether ransomware payments to attackers should be banned under federal law.

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