ISMG Editors’ Panel: Analysis of Kaseya Attack

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Sizing Up the Impact of the Ransomware Attack and How to Mitigate Risks

Clockwise, from top left: Suparna Goswami, Anna Delaney, Mathew Schwartz and Tom Field

In the latest weekly update, a panel of Information Security Media Group editors discusses the repercussions of the Kaseya ransomware incident, the immediate response of the cybersecurity community and key risk management takeaways.

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The editors – Suparna Goswami, associate editor, ISMG Asia; Anna Delaney, director, productions; Mathew Schwartz, executive editor, Data Breach Today and Europe; and Tom Field, senior vice president, editorial – discuss:

  • Comments from Tom Kellermann of VMware Carbon Black on the timing and scale of the Kaseya attack;

  • How the Kaseya attack compares to other cyberattacks attributed to the REvil ransomware group, as well as key risk mitigation takeaways;

  • Insights from LafargeHolcim’s Manish Dave on building a “zero trust” framework to help mitigate cyberattack risks.

The ISMG Editors’ Panel runs on Fridays. Don’t miss our previous installments, including the July 2 and June 25 editions, which respectively discuss the FBI’s assessment of cybersecurity trends and open-source software security.

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