‘International response to Myanmar woefully inadequate’

People in Myanmar are risking their lives in anti-coup protests every day and the international community needs to step up and play their part, Burma Campaign UK’s Anna Roberts has said.

“The military have huge business interests, so we need to see the EU, UK and others, ban companies from doing business with the military,” she told BBC World News.

Countries could also impose their own individual arms embargoes on Myanmar, also known as Burma, without waiting for the United Nations (UN) and we need to see international support to refer Myanmar’s military to the International Criminal Court, Ms Roberts explained.

The UN Human Rights Office have said that more than 54 people have been killed by security forces in the protests so far, although other reports have said this figure is much higher.

Despite condemnation by dozens of countries, the military has said it is ready to withstand sanctions and isolation.

The UK has called for a UN Security Council meeting on Friday. The US has said it was considering taking further steps against Myanmar’s military.

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