Hungary LGBT: New law is ‘shameful, hateful’ – Katalin Cseh

Lawmakers in Hungary have passed legislation prohibiting the sharing with minors of any content seen as promoting homosexuality and gender change.

Speaking before the legislation was passed Hungary’s Momentum Movement MEP Katalin Cseh said the law would make it very hard for LGBTQ people to live in the country.

She told BBC World News: “I think it’s a total disgrace, really, that such a vote is taking place in the 21st Century in Europe under the disguise of making a law against paedophilia.”

Ms Cseh said her Momentum Movement party, which was part of Renew Europe group in the European Parliament would be looking to see what action they could take.

The Viktor Orban’s right-wing government does not recognise gay marriage and has a law restricting gay adoption.

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