‘Delayed Covid-19 vaccine rollouts have economic costs’

Several European countries have paused the use of a coronavirus vaccine over the safety concerns, but delays to the rollout of coronavirus vaccine programmes will have an economic fallout, a professor of economics at Koç University, has said.

When there is a slowdown in vaccination programmes people who are not immunised will need to minimise their exposure to the virus and so will stay in their homes for longer periods of time which will affect patterns of demand, Prof Selva Demiralp told BBC World News.

If people get Covid-19 they will not be able to work and these two factors combined could increase the risk of a slower economic recovery, she added.

Even when countries which are able to eliminate the pandemic domestically, they will still also face economic costs if their trade partners have not been able to do the same, Prof Demiralp explained.

“The more open you are to the rest of the world in terms of your exports and your imports, the harder hit you are going to be,” she said.

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