Defending Entry Points: A New Approach

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BlastWave CEO Tom Sego on Re-Envisioning How We Secure Networks

Tom Sego, co-founder and CEO, BlastWave Inc.

You can see it in the latest high-profile attacks: Security requirements are ever more complex, exceeding the capacity of current protection capabilities. Enterprises need a new strategy for defending entry points, and Tom Sego of BlastWave believes he has it.

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In a video interview with Information Security Media Group as part of its RSA Conference 2021 coverage, Sego discusses:

  • Where protection strategies fail;
  • A new approach to defending entry points;
  • How BlastWave is addressing cybersecurity challenges.

Sego is a co-founder and the chief executive officer of BlastWave. He is a veteran business leader with over 20 years of experience across a variety of industries, ranging from heavy equipment manufacturing to consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals to mobile telephony, and solar energy storage to industrial products. This breadth of industry knowledge coupled with his operational experience in strategy, product management, business development and sales support has given him a strong track record in understanding customer needs, identifying underlying business issues and developing comprehensive solutions. Prior to BlastWave, he was co-founder and CEO of SunVault and a co-founder and CMO at DiVitas Networks. Additionally, he led global sales support at Apple, and he sits on multiple boards.

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