Belarus: Lithuanian PM says hard to believe Alexander Lukashenko

Ingrida Simonyte, the prime minister of Lithuania, has criticised Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko’s statement about diverting a flight to Minsk on Sunday.

“It is so complicated for anyone who believes in the rule of law, institutions and the Western democracies to believe in anything Mr Lukashenko is saying,” she told BBC World News.

“I think they will invent whatever legend they need to try and shelter their wrongdoings.”

Mr Lukashenko has said a bomb threat was the reason for diverting the flight from Athens to Vilnius. He has also said the West was “trying to interfere” in the country’s affairs.

Western countries have accused Belarus of hijacking the plane which was carrying a dissident journalist.

The European Union has called for a ban on flights flying over the country and further economic sanctions.

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