APT Campaign by Chinese Cyberspies Targeting Asian Governments

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Researchers from Kaspersky Lab have discovered a large-scale superior persistent risk (APT) marketing campaign that involved multiple victims from Southeast Asia, as well as government agencies in Myanmar and the Philippines. 

According to Kaspersky, there is a moderate to a high degree of confidence that this APT exercise cluster, dubbed LuminousMoth, was employed by HoneyMyte, a Chinese language-speaking cybercriminal gang. 

The LuminousMoth cyberespionage attacks against different Asian government agencies have been going on since at least October 2020. It’s worth mentioning that so far Kaspersky analysts have found more than 100 victims in Myanmar and more than 1,400 victims in the Philippine. Unfortunately, they were unable to assess the real scale of the assaults. 

The links discovered include ties to various forms of community infrastructure comparable to the command-and-control s…

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