Interview with Coven Egidio from

The company is highly specialized in the filling and crimping of perfumes.

Coven Egidio is a family business, located in Pavia, Italy, a small city 40km south of Milan. The company, which is highly specialized in the filling and crimping of perfumes, has been run by the Pagetti family for the last 43 years. Today, Marco Pagetti is the founder and technical director. Luca Pagetti, an owner of the company, also serves as the export manager. Here, he talks about why “flexibility is everything” and where he thinks the greatest future expansion will be.

Jamie Matusow: You have a very specialized business—how does this fit with the Italian manufacturing ethic?

Luca Pagetti: Our turnaround is € 3 million per year. We are one of the few companies specialized in the filling and crimping of perfumes in the world. I think our machine range is probably the only one available on the planet, as it is based and focused on the perfume packing needs! This is due to our country’s mentality on manufacturing quality goods, durable goods, in our case being a specialist for the filling and crimping of perfumes.

Matusow: How does being a family-owned company add to Coven Egidio’s role as an ideal partner?

Pagetti: We got where we are in the market by providing a very tailor-made service to our customers. From major brands to niche perfumery, this last portion of the market is the most interesting nowadays. Customers trust us 100%, we have experience, we are small enough to care about customers and projects!

Matusow: How has Coven Egidio changed over the years? How has it adapted to the fragrance industry during that time?

Pagetti: Many things have changed—market, numbers. Nowadays customers require flexibility, this is where we come in the game and play. Our automatic machines for example, are simple and flexible. You can change three products in a day. Ten years ago, brands would not even think about small runs of 20,000 bottles. Today, sometimes they need to run 10,000 and then change over.

Matusow: As an Italian manufacturer, what do you offer the global fragrance community? What are your key markets? How do you stand out from competitors?

Pagetti: I think we supply quality goods at a good price point. Service is also our key asset, and when I talk about service, I mean pre- and post-sales service. Many of our customers rely on us for new products, new packaging to be automated. We are always ready to assist them in their needs.

Currently, our markets are Europe, USA, South America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Every year we export approximately 70 % of our turnover—we have to be eclectic on exports. Italians have always been like that in business so we are, we love it! We like to deal with different countries and cultures.

Matusow: What plans lie ahead for the company? How do you see its future?

Pagetti: For the future, we are planning to be constant in the market. At the end of the day, we provide machines, and people buy from you when they feel you have a history and you will be around for the future.

Regarding new markets, I think everyone in the perfume business is waiting for China to start consumer perfumes. The day 30% of the Chinese population will use perfume, all of us will get more and more busy. Yes, I do think the expansion in the future will be there.

Watch Coven Egidio’s video below